Yesterday's data

This page shows a summary of the data for the 24 h midnightlocal time
Temperature and humidity
High Temperature23,4 °C14:27
Low Temperature14,6 °C05:58
Temperature Range8,8°C 
High Apparent Temperature23,5 °C16:08
Low Apparent Temperature14,3 °C06:05
High Heat Index23,4 °C14:27
Low Wind Chill14,6 °C05:58
Maximum dew point14,9 °C18:18
Minimum dew point11,1 °C02:58
High Humidity82%06:40
Low Humidity53%14:03
Heat degree days0,8 
Cool degree days1,2 
Hours of Sunshine0,0 
Solar radiation95713:27
UV index1611:14
Rainfall for yesterday0,0 mm 
Maximum rain rate0,0 mm/hr00:00
High Hourly Rainfall0,0 mm00:00
Highest Gust19,4 km/h14:56
Highest Speed (10 minute average)12,9 km/h15:19
Wind bearing90°14:56
Dominant Direction56° NE 
Wind Run74,2 km 
Beaufort scaleF3Gentle breeze
Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure1013,0 mb00:00
Low Pressure1009,5 mb18:09